2016 Member Guest Tournament

Friday August 12 – Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cost per Player: $300

Please join us for what will be a great weekend of fun and golf. The event is limited to the first 36 teams. Once we reach 36 teams, we will start a waiting list and if we reach 42 teams another flight will be opened.

The tournament will be a match play format with each team playing five 9-hole matches against the other teams in their flight. The winners of each flight will then participate in a shootout to determine the 2016 Member-Guest Champion.

Format/Handicapping – Official GHIN USGA Handicap required

This is a better-ball of partners match play format using 100% handicap (Four-ball match play, rule 30). All matches will be played off the low handicap, who will play at scratch, and the other three players will receive 100% of the difference for the nine hole match (Strokes fall on the appropriate handicap holes for each match).
Team handicaps and flights will be determined by their two-man team total index. The team index cannot differ by more than ten shots or they will be reduced to a ten shot difference.

The match will be scored as follows: 1 point for a hole won, 1/2 point for a hole tied, 1 point for winning the match.

A team can win 10 total points per match. You must play all nine holes and try to accumulate as many points as possible. The team with the most points after the five matches will then participate in the shootout and have a chance to become the 2016 Member-Guest Champion. Should a tie occur in a flight, the following process will be used to determine a winner:

A. Points won when the two teams played head to head. If still tied then,

B. Points won against the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place team. If still tied, then,

C. A sudden death playoff playing a hole by hole match until a team wins using a combined net score

Should a flight have less than six teams, a match against a missing team shall play a 9-hole match against par using 100% of their respective handicap. If a team is unable to compete in a scheduled match, the match shall be declared a forfeit with the forfeiting team receiving 0 points and the other team shall play a match against “par”. The minimum number of points a team may earn in a forfeited match is 4, the maximum number of points a team may earn in a forfeited match is 6.


Thursday, August 11
Practice Round (Green Fee and Cart Rates Apply)


Friday, August 12

1st Round Matches


2nd Round Matchesm

Players only cocktail reception, including The Challenge at Avalon – 6 hole Putting Contest (during reception)

Saturday, August 13

3rd Round Matches

4th Round Matches

Cocktail Party (spouses included)


Live Entertainment

Sunday, August 14

5th Round Matches

Shootout Following 5th Round

Awards / Reception / Meal following shootout